Organization of the book

The following is a list of chapters of this book and their contents:

Chapter 1, Introduction

Explains the basics of issues tracking and team collaboration. Describes the organization of data in the WebIssues system and presents the life cycle of example issues.

Chapter 2, Preparing the system

Describes step by step the process of installing a new system and preparing it to work.

Chapter 3, Working with issues

Introduces the basics of individual work with the system — creating and editing issues and searching for information.

Chapter 4, Tracking issues

Presents how users of the system can collaborate and effectively communicate in the team.

Chapter 5, System administration

Describes topics related to the administration of projects and users, and system maintenance.

Chapter 6, Customizing the system

Describes how to configure and customize the system to suit your needs, intended for advanced administrators.

Appendix A, Resources

Presents a list of additional sources of information about the WebIssues system.

Appendix B, License

Contains a copy of the license of this book.